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Water Conservation Tips

With unpredictable water resources and a state mandate to reduce water use by 20 percent by the year 2020, water conservation should be a high priority for all residents. Even in years of normal rainfall, every drop counts!

Try these 20 easy and effective ways for the next 20 days to save water throughout your home and garden:

  1. Water at night with shorter bursts.
  2. Wash only full loads of clothes.
  3. Reduce watering times.
  4. Fix leaky toilets.
  5. Take 5 minutes showers instead of 10.
  6. Install drip irrigation.
  7. Install aerators on bathroom faucets.
  8. Plant native and drought tolerant plants.
  9. Install a high efficiency washing machine.
  10. Check sprinkler system for broken and clogged sprinkler heads and replace them right away.
  11. Wash only full loads of dishes.
  12. Fill the bathtub halfway or less.
  13. Install a high efficiency toilet.
  14. Put a layer of mulch around trees and plants to reduce evaporation.
  15. Install a water and energy efficient dishwasher.
  16. Adjust sprinklers to water plants, not the driveway or sidewalk.
  17. Install a smart controller.
  18. Use a broom to clean driveways, sidewalks and patios.
  19. Turn water off when brushing teeth or shaving.
  20. Remove grass and replace with water efficient landscaping.


For water conservation tips for kids, click here.
For water conservation tips for businesses, click here


Water Savings

The following table illustrates the amount of water you can save by making a few small changes to your daily activities. By adjusting your daily routine and installing water-wise devices you can save thousands of gallons every month!

Toilet Shower
Regular Toilet: Ultra-Low Flush Toilet: Regular Shower: Low-Flow Shower Head:
5-7 gallons 1.6 gallons 8 gallons/minute 2.5 gallons/minute
Bath Shaving
Full: Half Full: Open Tap: Full Basin:
20 gallons 10 gallons 5-10 gallons 1 gallon
Brushing Teeth Washing Hands
Open Tap: Brush & Rinse: Open Tap: Full Basin:
2-3 gallons 1/4-1/2 gallon 1-2 gallons 1 gallon
Washing Produce Auto Dishwasher
Open Tap: Full Sink: Standard Cycle: Short Cycle:
5-10 gallons 1-2 gallon 10-15 gallons 8-13 gallon
Manual Dishwashing Lawn
Open Tap: Full Basin Wash & Rinse: Everyday:
30 gallons 5 gallon 67-140 gallons
Pool (20ft. x 40ft.) Car Washing
Uncovered: Covered: Open Tap: Shut-Off Nozzle:
900-3000 gallons/month 300-1100 gallons/month 100-200 gallons 50 gallons


To find more ways you can save water throughout your home, visit the California Urban Water Conservation Council’s interactive home tour at www.h2ouse.org.

The following sites offer even more easy ways to save water indoors:


Sprinkler Settings
Set your sprinkler system to water only at night. You'll save hundreds of gallons of water each month!


Fixing Leaks
Fix indoor faucets and toilet leaks and save thousands of gallons each month.


Drought-Tolerant Gardening
Plant native and drought-tolerant landscapes and save tens of thousands of gallons each month.

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